That’s torn it!

May 11, 2013 - Review
That’s torn it!

I guess this happens to most people but, with about a month to go before my first tri of the year and no money for a new one, a torn wetsuit is the last thing I need. Somehow I’ve got to find a way of mending my wetsuit cheaply, quickly and it needs to be strong enough to get me through a couple of training sessions and a few races this year as well.
So far I’ve hit Google hard and found a whole bunch of glues, repair patches, YouTube videos and other alleged wonder fixes! Let’s see just how good or not they really are.


Step 1 – Neoprene Queen !

This was the first result that looked like it might do the trick. According to the Stormsure website “Neoprene Queen Adhesive will help you to repair rips and tears in the neoprene fabric really quickly….” Well, we’ll soon find out!

The Neoprene Queen repair kit that I ordered also came with some patches, but given how close the tear is to a seam in the suit I’m going to try just the glue. Just for a change I’m going to follow the instructions!


I spread a thin layer of glue on each of the two edges of the tear, let it dry for a couple of minutes put a second thin layer on each side again, let that dry and then I pinch the two sides together and hold it there for a couple of minutes. This is much easier said than done given that the only way I can grip the botton edge is through the crotch of the wetsuit and I don’t want to end up sticking that to the back of the tear either. A few minutes go by and as you can see the result looks pretty good.

The cheapest place I found Neoprene Queen was on Amazon. You can click here to for the Amazon search.

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