Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 Prescription Swimming Goggles – Review

August 18, 2016 - Review, Training, Triathlon Gear
Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 Prescription Swimming Goggles – Review

Fed up with messing about with contact lenses and normal swimming goggles (an also after a nasty bit of eye irritation evening at the lake) I’ve embarked down the prescription swimming goggle route.

At the time of writing these goggles are available in two colours – Grey / Silver and Red / Amber. They have the same power in each eye and seem to correct long and short sight with a power range of -10 to +8. I chose the Red / Amber colour. Priced at £24 plus postage. Not bad I’m thinking.

They arrived pre-assembled, in a hard plastic case (see below) and have 3 different size nose bridges.

The optical centre of goggles are listed at approximately 63mm (depending upon nose bridge used).

Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 - Cased

Day 1 – First Impressions

The hard plastic case – one of the hinges broke within 5 minutes.

The nose bridge. The goggles came pre-assembled with the medium nose bridge fitted. It was far too small for me so I decided to swap it out for the large one. A word of warning – make sure you do all of this before you head for a swim. The bridge is very firmly attached. I spent about 15 minutes wondering if I was going to snap the eye pieces trying to remove it. In the end I needed to give the bridge some gentle persuasion using a large flat head screwdriver to prise it away from each eye piece! Deep breathing over with and I fitted the large bridge with a good strong squeeze. It is a tight fit but I guess it wont be falling out too soon.

Day 2 – First Swim

Well that’s coming soon!

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