SKS Raceblade Mudgaurds XL Review

December 17, 2013 - Bike Gear, Review
SKS Raceblade Mudgaurds XL Review

For those thinking “what mudguards can I put on a Boardman Team Carbon bike” you won’t go far wrong with the SKS Raceblade XL.

The first thing you discover with the Team Carbon is there are no mudguard eyelets, in fact there are a lot of bikes out there these days without them either. So straight away your options are limited.

That said, for me, this is where the SKS Raceblade mudgaurds excel. I wanted a mudguard set that was lightweight, easy to put on, easy to take off and most of all one that was going to keep me and the bike free of spray.

Let’s face it, having been behind another riders who’s rear wheel is spraying crud in my face, we don’t really want to be doing the same to our mates either!

Fitting these is pretty straightforward. You some clear tape to wrap around the where you are going to position the mudguard and the mudguards are held in place using these elastic straps.

SKS Raceblade fitting straps

The instructions are pretty straightforward too.

SKS Raceblade fitting- FrontSKS Raceblade fitting- Rear

Be prepared! Adjusting the mudguards to get just the right position and clearance does take a bit of trial-and-error and a bit of patience too. A combination of mudguard positioning and bending the support bars is needed, then trim the straps and you are all set.

This is how one of mine looks.

SKS Raceblade Mudgaurd fitting-1

And then finally the end result

SKS Raceblade - Rear fittedSKS Raceblade - Front Fitted

Hopefully you’ve found this useful. If you are going to buy these make sure you get the XL version and not the slightly smaller ‘standard’ version. The smaller ones will only just about fit, so you are much better off with the XL version. Feel free to ask any questions or post a comment.

Scouring the web the best place to pick these up is on Amazon. You can follow this link here.

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