Profile Design T1 Viper carbon aerobars review

September 13, 2011 - Triathlon Gear

Profile Design T1 + Viper Carbon Aerobars

Weighing in at 536 grams these bars are a sure-fire way to get aero without piling on the weight. Being seemingly infinitely adjustable, with a bit of trail and tweaking, you should be able to get a nice comfortable aero position that you can maintain over long distances on your way to a new PB!

I’ve been using these on my Boardman Team Carbon for some time now and they have been faultless.

So let’s start with some detail.

They will fit bar sizes of 26 and 31.8 mm.

The bars are adjustable forward and backward so you can extend or reduce the depth over the front wheel and also the up / down angle. The position of the armrest pads can also be adjusted backwards and forwards so once you’ve got the depth and angle right you should be able to get a good comfortable fit for your forearms to rest on. The other thing you notice early on is the superb quality of the pads, which can be easily removed if they need a wash! You can also adjust the rotation of the bars to get a comfortable hand wrist position too.

For me this is where the bars excel. You’ll see from the photos below just what I mean.

Firstly the hand grips turn up which I find much more comfortable than other more flatter shaped bars. But more importantly the grips are also anatomically shaped so they fit really well in your hands. Even the plastic ‘bungs’ at the ends are shaped so that your thumbs can rest nicely on top! All in all this makes them ultra comfortable over long distances, even when holding on for dear-life, belting round my local country roads.

Close up of Profile Design T1 + Viper Aerobars

For those wanting to go the full nine yards, you can see I’ve also added on a bracket for an Elite Aeton Bottle (more on that coming soon) and of course you can also easily fit a Profile Design Aero Bottle bracket too – more on that also coming soon!

Finally there was also enough room to fit a mounting bracket for my Garmin Edge 800 bike computer. I’ll be posting a full review of that in the next couple of weeks.

Profile Design T1 + Viper Carbon Aerobars fitted with attachements

So all in all the Profile Design T1 Viper Carbon clip-on aerobars are an absolute gem. Lightweight, sturdy, comfortable, infinitely adjustable and they look bloody gorgeous too!

Hopefully you’ve found this review useful. If you want to leave a comment please do and if you’ve any questions then let me know.

I scoured the web for the best price I could find and with service second to none I’d go with Wiggle again and again. since writing this post Profile have launched a new version of these aerobars – here is a link straight to the them. Enjoy!

Profile Aerobars at Wiggle

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Your site is amazing, this is just what i was looking for!


Hi. I’d like to purchase the Viper aerobar but as I can’t find any in the local shop, I was wondering whether the armrests can be attached directly to the brackets that attach the whole thing to the riding bar.

The thing is that some photos describe the mount system as you have (armrests on the extension bars), some photos show the alternative mount – the main clamp also serves as a mounting lever for the armrest.

I’m confused…

Any reply will be appreciated. Thanx a lot!


    As far as I can tell the armrests cannot be attached to the main brackets, only onto the extensions bars.

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