New open water season

May 16, 2014 - Training, Triathlon Gear
New open water season

The end of April , or more usually the first May Bank Holiday, tend to mark the start of the new open water swimming season for me. So, it’s Monday 28th April when I head to Oxford Wakeboard and Ski club for the first session of 2014.

I hear the water is a cool 12.5 degrees! For the uninitiated, that’s pretty dam cold. In fact several days later I notice the chilled water in the office water cooler is warmer, at 13.0 degrees. There’s no way I’d ever think about swimming in water that cold!

But this year I’ve a special weapon in my armoury, well in my kit bag anyway. This year I’ve a Neoprence Skull Cap.
Neoprene Skull Cap
Those first few moments when your face hits the cold water can be a real shock. If you haven’t experienced this before, the shock can be a bit overwhelming and may well cause your lungs to contract and you are likely to find it hard to breath. It’s always worth submerging your face and head in the water when you can still stand up. Compose yourself, try exhaling a few time with your face in the water as this will help alleviate the shock of the cold water. I can speak from experience and tell you that when the water is really cold your head is going to hurt like hell! But I can also tell you that wearing a neoprene skull cap is going to make the world of difference!

This year I also coupled mine with a pair of Speedo Rift goggles. They a big, bold and coupled with a skull cap, there won’t be much of your head left uncovered either. All good when it’s positively baltic!
Speedo Rift Goggles

So there you have it. Everything you need to beat the cold. So what are you waiting for ?

Wiggle have a great range of goggles and caps. Prices are always reasonable and delivery is quick. You can find both of the above using these links:-

Neoprene Skull Cap
Speedo Drift Goggles

Don’t let the grey picture above put you off because a few weeks later it looked like this!

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