July training update

July 26, 2011 - Training

Gradually feeling much fitter now and cigarettes seem such a distant and alien thing now! For the last month or so I’ve been trying to master a different running technique. Seems that I was a massive ‘heel-striker’ so I’ve kitted myself out with some Newton Natural Running shoes and I’ve been gradually making the transition to a more natural running style or as some people refer to it a Barefoot Running Technique.

Making the transition has been quite an ordeal though and there have been days when my calf muscles have been in absolute shreds! They say the key is to do the transition slowly, almost a mile at a time. It’s taken a good couple of months, that’s for sure, to get to the stage where I can do two laps of St James’s Park without my calf muscles screaming the following day!

The rest of the month has been a bit mixed really. Work pressures have been relentless and not wanting training to slip left me feeling exhausted afterwards. In the end I had to stop for a week. I guess sometimes you just need to rest.

So I’m looking forward to August with renewed vigour!

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