Getting a proper bike fitting

April 28, 2011 - Triathlon Gear

Like many people new to triathlon I’ve been reading all the glossy magazines and looking at all the shiny new kit I could get (bank balance permitting!). Of course way up there in full spread is the super-cool time-trial bike with super slick aerodynamic frame, aero bars with bar-end shifters and all sorts of other drop-dead gorgeous attributes! Did I forget to mention super slick again?

Anyway I’m lucky enough to have been able to get a Boardman Team Carbon Bike on the Cycle to Work Scheme and read on a tri blog site that actually a good bike fit could work wonders. It’s a bit like buying a cool looking Ted Baker suit and then going to a tailor to get it fitted perfectly! Okay it doesn’t have to be Ted Baker but hopefully you get my drift.

So where do you start when you need to find a bike tailor?

Google seemed to be a good place and after looking at a couple of Tri stores websites and a few Tri forums I found Ten-Point, based in Amersham. They’d been mentioned in a local Tri blog and their website had a sort of ‘personal’ feel to it. So with a phone call and a chat I was soon booked in.

How good a decision was that? Probably the best one I’ve made since I started training! These guys are fantastic.

The bike fitting itself took about an hour. For most of that time you are on the bike with the bike in a ‘turbo trainer’ and then it’s lots of measuring, moving, tweaking, peddling, measuring, moving, peddling, tweaking, peddling some more and some final tweaking until the bike is set up just for you. I could actually feel the ride getting more and more comfortable as the fitting progressed and all the while I’m getting little nuggets of triathlon gold from the staff! Oh, and even a cup of tea too.

That’s what’s I found so great about Ten-Point. They were welcoming, friendly and offered lots of hints and tips about all things triathlon and I get the feeling they won’t be trying to sell you something unless you really need it.

The bike feels great and I’m eager to get some miles on in it now it’s set up properly.

I’ve a feeling I’ll be back at Ten-Point fairly soon!

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