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Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 - Prescription Swimming Goggles
Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 Prescription Swimming Goggles – Review
Fed up with messing about with contact lenses and normal swimming goggles (an also after a nasty bit of eye irritation evening at the lake) I’ve [...]
A wet 2015 swim start
Its about 6pm on a typical May Bank Holiday when I pull up at the Queensford Lake for the first open water swim of the season. This is the view from the [...]
New open water season
The end of April , or more usually the first May Bank Holiday, tend to mark the start of the new open water swimming season for me. So, it’s Monday [...]
Planet X 52mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset – Full Review
The wheels arrived in a huge box and where well packaged and secure. With the Planet X logo on the rim tape peaking out of the top of the box I already had [...]
A new season and some new wheels – literally!
Now I love my trusty Boardman, but like most guys I want to be able to squeeze every ounce of power out of it that I can. After doing a bit of research on [...]
Profile Design T1 Viper carbon aerobars review
Weighing in at 536 grams these bars are a sure-fire way to get aero without piling on the weight. Being seemingly infinitely adjustable, with a bit of [...]
Bike fitting update
Update – it’s now the day after the bike fitting (some posh bloke with less hair than me just got married in a big church in London) and I’ve just come [...]
Getting a proper bike fitting
Like many people new to triathlon I’ve been reading all the glossy magazines and looking at all the shiny new kit I could get (bank balance permitting!). [...]