More open water swimming – what a difference a week makes !
Always one for looking around and because my previous open water venue was holding a race I decided to look elsewhere to see if I could find another venue. [...]
Open Water Swimming
Up until recently all of my swim training has been in the pool. The only time I’ve ever swum in open water (apart from the sea) has been in a race. So I [...]
Pizza Pies – Building shoulder strength for swimming
Much as I love the odd pizza, nobody I’ve ever come across got fitter or stringer from eating it! So when I found this weight training exercise on the [...]
A new season approaches – faster, stronger, fitter and pizza pies!
The coached running sessions with Let’s Get Running have been just what I needed to put some focus and discipline into my running training. I can really [...]
January 2012 – a new year of training
So now that the festivities are over, just like many others across the country, it’s back to training. I’ve not made any specific resolutions but am [...]
Making great strides!
Following my wing and a prayer finish at Bideford Tri I was eager to get back into some proper training before Christmas kicked in and every meal came with [...]
September Training update
Well it’s been a bit of a mixed bag month this, mostly focused on trying to get myself back into a position of being able to train. I have to say my ‘not [...]
August Training update – Highs & Lows
Just scraped this update into the month of August summarised as highs and lows. The highs have been a real improvement in my running fitness and swim [...]
July training update
Gradually feeling much fitter now and cigarettes seem such a distant and alien thing now! For the last month or so I’ve been trying to master a [...]
4 days to go until Blenheim!
So it’s a resting week now before I find out once and for all whether the months of training have paid off! I’ve biked in the freezing cold, [...]