So, I’m Peter. Proud father of 3 boys, self-employed project manager and an ex 20 a day smoker!

Despite loving the outdoors you could say I spend most of the working week sat on my arse in front of a computer. Harsh, but sadly not that far from the truth!

Every other weekend often involves hauling the boys outside and forcing them to gulp in some fresh air into their lungs but this alone is not going to get me to my goal of completing a triathlon – my target being the 2011 Blenheim Palace Sprint. Note here I say complete rather than compete – as of today just finishing in one piece will be challenge enough.

Oh, and just for good measure I’m also the latter side of 40!

Currently my pride and joy! I was lucky enough to get this Boardman Team Carbon bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme. At a tab under the £1000 limit I’d read a few reviews and most seemed to point to the fact that you got a lot of bike for your money. You can see a review here at Bike Radar

I’ve never been disappointed with the bike and it’s an absolute pleasure to ride.

That said it’s had a few additions at the front end.

Most noticeably at the front end is a set of Profile Design T1+ Viper Carbon Clip-On Aerobars, plus a Profile Design Aero Bottle Holder (more on that coming in a future review of the bottle itself).

There’s also a small mount for my bike computer and also, source of much amusement to others, a bell. That said it’s actually great for intimidating other cyclists as you pass them!

Then for the pedals it’s Speedplay Zero – stainless (the titanium ones were just a little bit outside of my price bracket!).

Apart from that everything else is standard out of the shop, but I’ve had it custom fitted and I’d recommend anyone serious about cycling to get that done. See more about that fitting here.

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