A new season approaches – faster, stronger, fitter and pizza pies!

April 19, 2012 - Training

The coached running sessions with Let’s Get Running have been just what I needed to put some focus and discipline into my running training. I can really

Last seasons races have faded into the past and I’m beginning to focus on the 2012 season. I’ve got a few months of coached running session under my belt and my legs are feeling stronger as the weeks go by.

My trusty Boardman Team Carbon has done me proud as I’ve piled on the miles of training through the winter, increasing my pace and distance steadily over the last few months.

Getting quality swimming time is still a challenge and with work pressure mounting it’s a real challenge to fit all of the training in. What the heck I did with my time beforehand is a mystery! So with about 7 weeks before I head back to Blenheim Tri I’m now mixing some free weights into my schedule, that I can do at home, to try and boost my swim strength. This is where the pizza pies come in to it!


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