2014 – We’ll skip over that one!

January 10, 2015 - Training

2014 was one of those years that’s probably best left consigned to the annals of history! A long term relationship split, a house move, lifestyle change and a dodgy incident at Blenheim Triathlon with a Tri-clip

So a difficult year all round really, but in amongst it all I managed to maintain a degree of fitness, squeezed in Blenheim Tri once more and at the end of the season did the Cotswold End of Year Standard Distance Tri. I guess in a way training helped me through a difficult time and gave me something to focus on, especially during the winter months.

In preparation for those long months, the Planet X wheels came off the Boardman, the Raceblade mudguards were fitted once more and my trusty Northwave Winter Road Shoes came out of hibernation! This has now become a bit of a yearly ritual.

The year wasn’t completely bleak though and a couple of new additions made it into the garage. A shiny red Specialized Roubaix Comp SL4, purchased specifically for long summer evenings and big rides became my primary ride and for frosty cold days a Decathlon Triban 500 was bolted into a turbo trainer.

I’ll be adding reviews of these as soon as I can. In the meantime it’s goodbye to 2014 and a positive look forward to 2015!

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