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Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 - Prescription Swimming Goggles
Sutton Swimwear Mirror OPT1200 Prescription Swimming Goggles – Review
Fed up with messing about with contact lenses and normal swimming goggles (an also after a nasty bit of eye irritation evening at the lake) I’ve [...]
Big Swim Training continues
Petzl Nao head torch – out of the box review
The first thing to note is you have to open the battery case and plug in the battery before you can charge it. Like most people I rarely read the manual [...]
Final Monday evening swim of the 2015 season
  So the summer open water season draws to a close and we head out for our final Monday evening swim at Queensford Lake. What an amazing season [...]

Feels like the training is just right. These early morning sessions are definitely proving their worth!

A wet 2015 swim start
Its about 6pm on a typical May Bank Holiday when I pull up at the Queensford Lake for the first open water swim of the season. This is the view from the [...]
Northwave Fahrenheit GTX (Gore-Tex) Winter Road Shoes review
I used these for most of last winter and I’m now heading into a second year of using them. I’ve used various types and makes of overshoes and [...]
There’s nothing quite as motivating as getting some events in the diary. It’s a great way of focusing the mind and importantly focusing the training.
2014 – We’ll skip over that one!
2014 was one of those years that’s probably best left consigned to the annals of history! A long term relationship split, a house move, lifestyle [...]
New open water season
The end of April , or more usually the first May Bank Holiday, tend to mark the start of the new open water swimming season for me. So, it’s Monday [...]